CM/ECF OnLine Training

Welcome to the online CM/ECF Training developed by the United States Bankruptcy Court, for the Southern District of Ohio. This training will provide you the necessary instruction required to obtain a CM/ECF login and password for use in the Southern District of Ohio. Additionally, it will allow non-attorney staff members and creditor filers an opportunity to learn the functionality of the CM/ECF system.

The full training takes approximately 60 minutes and must be completed in one sitting. Progress cannot be saved for completion at a later time.

If at any time during the training you encounter trouble, you may contact your local Help Desk at number listed below:

Cincinnati (513) 684-2572
Columbus (614) 469-6638
Dayton (937) 225-2516

The Help Desk is available during normal business hours (9:00 am - 4:00 pm) and can answer questions with regard to the functionality of the online training program.

Attorneys taking this training to qualify for a CM/ECF login and password, will be given an opportunity to complete an online registration form and should receive their login and password by the next working day.

In addition to this training resource, users are encouraged to also review the Southern District of Ohio’s Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing and ECF User’s Manual.

Enter the CM/ECF Online Training

*Important note for Windows 10 operating system users: At the end of the training you will be presented with a button for online registration. Instead of clicking that button, use this link to access the registration page: