ePOC Electronic Claims Filing Information

Filing a Proof of Claim Electronically

  • Creditors are requested to file Proof of Claim forms for all chapters electronically using the ePOC program. A login/password is not required.

  • The ePOC program contains a fillable B410 proof of claim form, and supplemental documentation to the claim may be attached in pdf format. Please do not attach a proof of claim form; one will be created by the program.

  • The address of the creditor is automatically added to the mailing matrix of the case when the proof of claim is filed to ensure service of case-wide documents.

  • Amended Claims – If the claim amends a claim previously filed in the case, check the box indicating that the claim amends a previously filed claim and select the claim number being amended from the dropdown list.

  • The name and complete address of the creditor, or other person authorized to file a proof of claim, must appear on the claim form. Filing a proof of claim electronically deems the claim signed by the creditor or authorized person.

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE OF REDACTION RESPONSIBILITY: All filers must redact: Social Security or taxpayer identification numbers; dates of birth; names of minor children; and financial account numbers, in compliance with Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9037. This requirement applies to all documents, including attachments.

  • The ePOC claim filing program is for use by creditors only. Attorneys should log into the CM/ECF system to file proofs of claim.

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Parties who would like to file a proof of claim form manually may obtain a Proof of Claim form (Official Form B410) at any bankruptcy clerk’s office, or at the United States Courts Web Site:                 
The penalty for filing a fraudulent claim is a fine up to $500,000, imprisonment for up to 5 years, or both. 18 U.S.C. §§ 152 and 3571.