Interpreter Services Policy


The following is the Guide To Judiciary Policy’s requirement for providing services for both sign
language interpreters and foreign language interpreters:
Volume 5, Ch. 2, § 240.10 Bankruptcy Appeals and Bankruptcy Cases:
(a) In a bankruptcy appeal in a district court or a bankruptcy case in
bankruptcy court, the parties are responsible for providing interpreter services for
court proceedings as well as communications between counsel and the parties, except
in very limited instances: (1) when the bankruptcy proceedings are instituted by the
United States or (2) when the parties have a hearing impairment (whether or not
suffering also from a speech impairment). (b) If the proceedings are instituted by the
United States, the procedures outlined in § 210 should be followed, and payment
may be made from the general authorization. Matters instituted by the United States
are adversary proceedings initiated by agencies such as: the U.S. Trustee (UST); the
Internal Revenue Services [sic] (IRS); the Securities and Exchange Commission
(SEC); and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
Volume 5, Ch. 2, § 255.10 Service to the Hearing Impaired and Others with Communication
(a) Under Judicial Conference policy, a court must provide sign language or other
auxiliary aids and services to participants in federal court proceedings who are deaf,
hearing-impaired or have communication disabilities and may provide those services
to spectators when the court deems appropriate . . .
For the scheduling of both sign language and foreign language interpreters for (1) proceedings
initiated by the United States or (2) when a party has a hearing impairment, please contact:
Cincinnati: Yvonne Ventre, Case Administrator Supervisor
Columbus: Carolyn Bridgette Evans, Case Administrator Supervisor
Dayton: JoAnn Crum, Case Administrator Supervisor
Parties should contact the Assistant U.S. Trustee’s Office for the scheduling of interpreters for the
§ 341 Meeting of Creditors.
Cincinnati: (513) 684-6988
Columbus/Dayton: (614) 469-7411
If you have any questions regarding the above policy and procedure, please contact the Case
Administrator Supervisor listed above for your location.
Rev. 12/2016 - CBB