Complex Chapter 11 Cases

Applicable Rules and Forms

General Order 30-7
Appendix A ‐ Procedures for Complex Chapter 11 Cases
Local Bankruptcy Rules, Forms and Procedures, effective October 1, 2020

Special Forms for Complex Cases

Notice of Election as Complex Chapter 11 Case
Case Management Order
Cash Collateral / Postpetition Financing Checklist
Pro Hac Vice Motion
Pro Hac Vice Order

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Purpose and Background

By General Order 26‐1, the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Ohio established an Attorney Advisory Committee to assist the Court and the Clerk’s Office in the identification of practices and procedures for the purpose of reducing expense and delay in the administration of justice; assist the Court and the Clerk’s Office with the implementation of various projects that impact the bankruptcy bar; serve as a resource for attorneys who practice in this District; and serve as a group dedicated to enhancing communication between the various stakeholders in the practice of bankruptcy law in this District. Under these guidelines, and with the intent to promote judicial economy, administrative efficiency and procedural predictability for all interested parties, a Subcommittee developed procedures to allow for a more streamlined handling of “complex” chapter 11 cases.

The initial members of the Attorney Advisory Subcommittee who drafted and proposed these procedures were: Pamela Arndt, Robert Berner, Brenda K. Bowers (Subcommittee Chair), James Alan Coutinho, Tyson A. Crist, Laura Faulkner (Chief Deputy Clerk), Ronald E. Gold, Tami Hart Kirby, Stephen D. Lerner, Kim Martin‐Lewis, Richard D. Nelson (Committee Chair), and Jason V. Stitt. Judge John E. Hoffman, Jr. and Judge Guy R. Humphrey served as advisors. Law Clerks Brian Gifford and Neil Berman were active participants. Carolyn B. Buffington served as the Reporter and Project Manager.

Suggestions for improvements to these procedures may be submitted to this address: