Mediation Program

Program Description

Mediation is a flexible and alternative procedure to traditional litigation. Due to its collaborative nature and because the mediator acts as a neutral facilitator, mediation allows for a greater degree of outcome control by the parties. The mediation is completely confidential. Mediation affords the parties an opportunity to select a mediator of their choice. The time, place and manner of the mediation conference are determined by the mediator, after consultation with the mediation participants. The mediation procedures are intended to allow parties to resolve their disputes more quickly, for less cost, and without the pressures of discovery and a trial before a judge.

Mediation Procedures

General Order 48-1

General Order 48-2

Mediation Procedures

Mediation Forms

Request for Mediation

Order Approving Request for Mediation

Selection of Mediator

Acceptance of Appointment

Declination of Appointment

Mediation Scheduling Notice

Mediator’s Report


Mediator Roster

Mediator Application

Mediator Renewal

The committee members who drafted and proposed these procedures were: Susan Argo, Laura Atack (Law Clerk), Neil Berman (Law Clerk), Emily Brewster (Law Clerk), Tiffany Strelow Cobb, Laura Faulkner (Chief Deputy Clerk), Brian Flick, Timothy Hurley, Athena Inembolidis, Douglas Lutz, Pamela Maggied, Harold Paddock, Karolina Perr and Meetal Reed (Law Clerk). Judge Guy R. Humphrey served as Advisor. Carolyn B. Buffington served as Reporter and Project Manager.