Rule 2002(a) Notices

Notice of Rule 2002(a) Motions and Applications

General Order 56-1 provides, in brief and with certain exceptions, that the service of notices required by Rule 2002(a) may be limited to claimants and other specified entities in a chapter 7, chapter 12, or chapter 13 case once the relevant time periods outlined in the general order expire, automatically and without further order of the Court.

Notice of Electronic Filing

A notice of electronic filing (NEF) will be issued in each applicable case when those time periods have expired, indicating which creditors and other parties in interest still require service under the general order.

Rule 2002(a) Mailing List

For convenience, a custom mailing list will be made available in the CM/ECF Case Query. In cases where limited notice outlined in General Order 56-1 is not in effect, the mailing list will output all creditors. In cases where limited notice applies, the same mailing list will output only claimants in the case. Be advised that additional parties may need to be served even where limited notice applies, and it remains the responsibility of counsel to ensure proper service of all notices.