Court to Remain Open for Duration of Government Shutdown

Friday, January 18, 2019

Absent further notice, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Ohio will continue normal operations for the duration of the current federal government shutdown. The Court will continue to: (1) hear and decide cases without interruption; (2) timely file and process all filings, motions, notices, orders, emergency applications, and other litigation documents; (3) collect and deposit fees and costs into the Treasury process; (4) accept and process new bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings; and (5) handle new cases or maintain existing cases, as necessary to assist the court in implementing its orders and judgments.

CM/ECF and PACER will continue to be available. PACER Service Center staff will be operating at a reduced capacity, so some services may take longer than usual.

For information about §341 meetings of creditors, please see:

Please note General Order 31-1, Order Holding in Abeyance Bankruptcy Matters Involving the United States as a Litigant or Creditor, signed by Chief Judge Jeffery P. Hopkins on December 28, 2018.